Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Job Celebration

With unemployment becoming a "national emergency," I am so grateful to have a job waiting for me out of college. Although I'll admit it's rather quick (I graduated two days ago and I start my new job on Monday) I have absolutely no room to complain.

Say hello to Norwegian Cruise Line's newest Personal Cruise Consultant!

Sadly, I gave my last bottle of Pinot Noir to a friend planning a romantic date (how Cupid-esque, I know) so for a celebration, I turned to a scrumptious alternative which I happened to have in my fridge - Amstel Light.

Now I know I promised this would not become a beer blog, but lately I've been leaning toward the bitter, bubbly stuff. I've seen a fair share of sour reviews of Amstel Light, but when I look at the calorie to taste ratio, I'll stand up for it:

Blue Moon 171 calories (sad times)
Heineken Light 99 calories
Amstel Light 93 calories
Becks Light 60 calories (still must try)

I'll keep exploring the world of beer, and maybe become knowledgeable enough in the hops culture that I can see why all these beer aficionados are turning up their noses on a beer that I can dig.

PS - Call me if you plan on cruising!

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